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Trunk. Github for designers

GitHub for designers

Version control is a massive problem for designers. We’ve been testing Trunk for the last few months and seen:

  • 100s of design teams onboarded onto Trunk
  • Hundreds of projects created
  • Thousands of commits made

You can sign up to up to the public beta here.

So why Trunk?

Previously I spent 10+ years building and selling a design agency.

Through that time I saw it all:

  • Designers losing files on endless email threads.
  • Freelancers failing to back-up files to the server
  • Designers naming their files with crazy names; Design-final-revision-2-update-3 ?!

While there is clearly a problem here, what stood out was there was still no way to deeply collaborate on complex design files.

Let's roll back to 2016

After selling my last agency, I had taken a break from the agency world to try and reinvent myself.

Working as a designer I loved the craft. However, I didn’t feel that what I was doing was having impact.

I took time out to learn programming and around the same time, I was introduced to Git and my now co-founder, Chris.

That's Chris on the right

Chris and I had been discussing the need for better, more collaborative tools in the design space. Current tools lacked the ability to deeply collaborate on Sketch and and Photoshop files.

We didn’t want just Git though. We wanted an automated solution that gave you the power of Git, but in a way that was hands off.

We talked at length how we could incorporate Git into a designer’s workflow.

Panzera watches uses Trunk to share watch designs

Our take on version control

Designers want powerful features like branching, merge conflicts and pull requests. The magic of Trunk is offering these features without letting the user experience get bogged down in Git concepts.

That’s why we built Trunk. To give designers version control features like branching, merge conflicts, and reverting files, without getting in the way of their workflow.

Fast forward to today, and we’ve opened up the Trunk Beta to designers and design teams.

Trunk supports Sketch and Photoshop

We’re hoping that with your support and feedback on the product we can shape the future of Trunk.

We’re excited to see what you think.


Elliott Co-Founder @ Trunk

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