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The Trunk desktop app is currently Mac only. PC version is coming soon. See release notes


What's different between the Free and the Pro plans?

When you sign up to Trunk you are automatically placed on the Pro plan. You have 30 days to trial Trunk for free on the Pro plan, with unlimited private and public projects. After the 30 days are up, you can either remain on the Pro plan or downgrade to our Free plan.

On the Free plan you have restricted private projects.

How does the Free plan work?

The Free plan gives you one free private project, unlimited public projects and 10GB of storage. This is best suited to individuals who want to share and collaborate on their creations publically.

How secure is Trunk?

All plans include 256-bit TLS encryption with daily backups. All data is stored on encrypted drives and is only accessible to you and those you share the projects with. It is our priority to protect your data at all times.

What is the benefit of the Team's plan?

The Team's plan is perfect for design teams that collaborate actively with other designers, engineers and business stakeholders. This plan comes with unlimited storage and unlimited projects.

The Teams plan provides file management and version control for freelancers and small teams.

How can I collaborate with other team members on Trunk?

To begin sign up to Trunk and download the Trunk desktop app.

Once you have signed into the desktop app you can simply create a new project, import a file and invite others to your project. When changes are merged to Master, each team member invited to the project will be able to see a full version history of changes made.