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Q. How do I create a project?

To create a project on Trunk first signup and download our desktop application.

Once you've launched the desktop app and signed in, click on 'Create Project'. Projects can hold multiple files, making it easy to keep everything secure in the one location.

Try importing files or creating files from scratch, through the desktop app. We currently support both Sketch and Photoshop file formats with more on the way soon!

Q. How does design collaboration work with Trunk?

Trunk uses Git and branching to make it possible to have multiple versions of a file running at the same time. When you make changes to a Sketch or Photoshop file that's imported into Trunk, your changes are created on your very own private branch. Every time you save, we track these changes.

When your ready to share your changes with the rest of the team, simply 'Finish changes' and Trunk will merge your changes into the Master branch. This workflow is very powerful and allows many designers on a team to collaborate at the same time.

Q. What is all this commit & branching black magic?

We've built Trunk on top of Git - a version control system that offers a way to branch & manage your files. Up until now Git has been extremely popular with developers and has been used by companies like Github and Atlassian (and others) as a way to manage development files and collaborate across teams.

With Trunk we've abstracted away the command line interface and many of the complexities of Git, creating a visual tool for designers to manage their design files and versioning of Sketch and Photoshop files.

Q. What happens when two or more team members having conflicting changes?

When two or more designers make similar changes to a file and try to merge those versions, Trunk helps manage this with merge conflicts. You will see an visual notification display when this happens and be asked to resolve the conflict that occurred.

Q. I’ve been invited to a project. What happens next?

When your invited to someone's project you will receive an email with a link to the project. Clicking the link will launch the Trunk desktop app. You can then simply open the file through the Trunk Desktop app & make changes. Any changes that you make are created on a temporary branch and are only visible to you. When you want the rest of the team to see the changes, simply Commit the changes - and Trunk does the rest, merging your changes back into Master.

Q. How much does Trunk cost?

Please checkout the pricing page to view our latest pricing changes.

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