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Slack Integration

We'll help your team stay up to date with everything happening in Trunk. Making it easy to share updates and gather feedback from the rest of the team.

Your team will always know:

  • When a change has been made
  • When somebody makes a comments
  • When somebody joins a project
  • Much more

Gather team feedback in real-time and incorporate it straight back into your designs.

Install the app

  1. Open the Trunk desktop app
  2. Click Settings then select Teams > Your team.
  3. Press the Add to Slack under Slack integration. A dialog for Slack login will open.

Add Trunk to your Slack channel

  1. Open Slack and jump into the channel where you want your Trunk notifications.
  2. Add the Trunk bot using /invite @trunk.
  3. Go back to the Trunk desktop app and navigate to your Team settings page.
  4. Enter the name of the channel (including the #) under Slack integration.
  5. Click Send test message and you should receive a confirmation message in Slack if everything is setup correctly.