We just released Trunk 0.1.38Download

Trunk release notes

Trunk 0.1.38

Small wins

Trunk 0.1.38 - download

  • Improvements to the way files open in Trunk
  • Improvements to resolving merge conflicts in Sketch files
  • Resolved an issue where previews would not generate when first entering a project

Trunk 0.1.37

Big and Beautiful

We just released Trunk 0.1.37! - read more

  • Adobe Illustrator support
  • Support for large files
  • Improved Adobe Photoshop artboard support
  • Performance and UI improvements

Trunk 0.1.36

Getting loaded.

  • New loading screens when opening the app and teams
  • Fix for crash when resolving a conflict
  • Help menu update

Trunk 0.1.35

Picking up the Slack.

  • Get a complete overview of your project with the new Project Activity Feed
  • Connect Slack to your Trunk team for real time notifications
  • Improved project and team member management
  • Performance fixes for generating previews in Photoshop files
  • Performance fixes for merging Sketch files

Trunk 0.1.34

Never miss a thing.

  • Activity notification system
  • Various UI performance upgrades

Trunk 0.1.33

I want to go faster!

  • Fixed missing artboard previews when updating a symbol.
  • Fixed support for adding new files outside of Trunk.
  • Improved UI performance and error messages.

Trunk 0.1.32

Merge right.

  • Manage difficult design file conflicts with Trunk - read more
  • Improved progress notification on project syncing
  • Performance fixes for complex sketch files

Trunk 0.1.30

Previews and projects and shares, oh my!

  • New and improved artboard previews with zoom and keyboard shortcuts
  • Mark your projects as public and share them with the rest of the world. When a project is made public in Trunk you it means other users can view your project through the Trunk Web Application, but they will only be able to collaborate if you invite them to the project.
  • Share a project or a single artboard through a direct link.

Trunk 0.1.27

Offline is the new Online.

  • Support for viewing and exploring projects while offline
  • Files created with older versions of Sketch now show previews
  • Various stability and UX fixes

Trunk 0.1.24

We're getting the team back together.

  • Trunk for Teams now available, create a team now to secure your team name
  • Create projects in your personal list, or under a team
  • New side menu which shows the teams you are a member of

Trunk 0.1.19

Marty, we have to go back!

  • Turn back time for your files by clicking on "Revert to this version"
  • Get live updates when commits are made by someone in your team
  • Rename a project by clicking on the project title
  • Delete a file from the project with file delete
  • Various perfomance and UX improvements

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