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Trunk gives you a secure, version
 controlled workspace for all your design files.

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Trunk Version Management For Designers

Why Trunk?

Tools like Git changed the way that software development teams share and merge their work in one collaborative workflow.

However as designers, we’ve been left behind.

Trunk builds on Git by giving you the designer - a central and secure workspace for all your design files. Keep your files secure with up to date versions and collaborate on design files like never before.

Your favourite tools

Trunk gives your Sketch and Photoshop files the power of secure version control. Automatically keep your entire design project across multiple applications in sync with the rest of your team.

Secure version control

Design projects have become increasingly complex.

By tracking updates to a file and allowing designers to securely store versions we not only improve housekeeping but make it possible to collaborate with other designers in real-time through the power of autonomous version control.

Share and gather feedback

Once your files have synced with Trunk its easy to share links and gather feedback from the rest of the team.

Gather team feedback in real-time and incorporate it straight back into your designs.

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    Trunk Version Management For Designers
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